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Vintage Door Skin

Vintage Door Skin
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Have you a girl that is becoming more grown up, then update her room to a more grown up feel using this unqiue vintage door skin.


The DOORSKINS are made to fit the most commonly used interior door with awidth of 30 inches wide x 78 inches heigh.  The standard bedroom sized door in the UK is 762 x 1981mm, and the DOORSKINS measure in at 758 x 1978mm, which is just a few mm's shorter, so as they fit inside the door slightly, meaning the edges do not get damaged.

If your door is smaller, then of course all you need to do is cut them down.  Measure the door and then cut down the DOORSKIN.  The best way to do this is to lay it flat, face down, draw a line where you aim to cut and carefully cut slowly and straight.  Please cut the DOORSKIN down 4mm less in width and height than the actual door.  So for example, if the door is 746mm wide, then cut it down to 742mm.  So the DOORSKIN will be 4mm smaller than the door,  to allow for a 2mm border on all sides, again this is to allow the edge to remain perfect

Will it ruin my door when I take it off?

Unlike using a vinyl sticker or a wall paste, DURACO tape will not ruin your door and leave a lot of mess behind.

We supply DURACO double sided tape.  DURACO tape is an industry standard and has been specially made for durabilty and it will not ruin your door when peeling off.  Simply pull the DOORSKIN off slowly and if there is any residule tape on the door, then simply use a wet cloth to rub it off. 

The tape has 2 different sides.  ONe side is a permanent tape and other  side is designed to be able to peel off any surface.  So it is important that the tape

is applied to the DOORSKIN and not the door, to ensure the permanent side is applied to the DOORSKIN.

* We do not accept responsibilty for any damage that may be caused to any surface.

What if my door isn't flat?

Unlike using a vinyl sticker, or a wall paper, where they cannot be used on panelled doors, our DOORSKINS will fit over panelled doors, and the effect will be of a flat surface when applied.


Writing on and wiping off

Please only use a whiteboard marker pen to wrtie on th DOORSKINS, as a permanent marker pen will not wipe off

How do I add a name to my DOORSKIN?

Simply write on your DOORSKIN with a whiteboard marker pen, DO NOT use a permanent marker pen as this will not wipe off, alternatively order  the Name plaque separately


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